Black Friday Tank Deals?


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Anyone pick up any goodies for their tanks under any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? I sadly did not. :sad2:


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Since I'm posting this from the new lap top i picked up Friday I guess it's sorta tank related. :D
Sadly since I am posting from a new computer I guess I'll have no new tank goodies for a while.


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After the debacle at work over my vacation request that I didn't get an approval on till 4 hours after I was supposed to already leave town for the weekend.... My black friday was really black.

Might have some stuff up for sale come Monday.


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Congrats on the new toy Amy!

LtPiper, sorry about your luck on that one.

I just made a small tank purchase. Marco Rocks is having a Cyber Monday sale and I picked up a 15 lbs box of Rubble. This will mostly be used for frags.