Black Friday / weekend specials


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Any Local saltwater stores or club stuff doing any specials? Or have any extra fun stuff going on?

I am traveling up to STL for the yearly Goose Island Bourban County release party at Lukas!

Any beer snobs out there even know what I am talking about:uhoh2:

I guess we can open this up to anyone e


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marine solutions is been doing sales all week , so im assuming theyre having a bigger sale on friday. Corals and more did last year , so they prob will . Not sure about the other stores in s. county area

Lance A. Lot

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MS should be selling some 200 gallon boxes of salt pretty close to or at cost - per Ryan... They also have $50 gift cards for $35-40 depending on when you get there.
Corner reef also has some sales... Steve got a bunch of new high end stuff and was putting some frag packs together.
Corals and more - I'm sure Lei will do something... they have a raffle for a drop off tank right now but that is all I know as of today.