Black spots on Clownfish plz help ident..


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These spots have appeared a few days ago. I had this fish for a month and a half now. It is around 3".

The fish is still eating but it is not defending his usual tank corner anymore. It used to just stay in it's corner with the other clown and defend it but now it seems to roam like it's looking for a new home...

Is this black ich? It seems larger than what I have seen in other pictures... there is a larger spot on the other side but I wasn't able to get a picture of it.

Thanks for the help.


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That's it!

Clownfish with dark pigmentation likely resulting from a reaction to stings from a coral or anemone. This usually poses no notable problem to the clownfish. The melanin [pigment] darkens as reaction to "something" such as coral stings.

Ehhhhh that's weird tho I don'T have any corals except tiny zoos (Read 1/4" diameter) that came with the live rock and a few small rock/majano anemones here and there....

Could it be nipping from the tang aka battle scars also?

But that'S a relief tho I got scared it was some sort of ich and was starting to freak out. Ok lesson learned FW dip for every1 from now on....

Thx a bunch!


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Thx for the link.

I know QT is the best but alas I don't have nor the space nor the $$$ to set it up. It is part of my plan but first gotta clear my credit card...:(

Thx for all the info.