Blind Batfish?


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Hey I have a 240 gallon tank and I bought a Pinnatus Batfish. The batfish is doing well the only problem is I believe he is blind?

Has anyone ever had a blindfish before?

Please let me know if this is possible?

Heres a photo of him below.


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Bats are mostly blind. Maybe he can see when the lights are out. The MINIMUM tank required is a 300g and if that isn't daunting enough these fish prefer a deep dark tank.


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Well if they are mostly blind how do you recommend feeding them? Cause now mysis and other foods i put in, He doesnt ever see them until I literally feed it directly into his mouth?


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Not sure where the idea that batfish are blind comes from??? Batfish are usually very shy, and slow eater. The main problem with the pinnatus bats is that they often refuse to eat in captivity. They require calm tank mates that do not scare or disturb them. If stressed, they often get ich very quickly. The pinnatus are one of the fish generally considered to be for experts only, or better left in the ocean.