Blizzard in tank....


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Well tonight was the worst disaster I have ever had with my tank. I mixed up the DIY 2 Part and had it running on my tank today. Well the dosing pump is screwed up and keeps shutting down. So I disconnected the hoses and took it apart to see if I could figure out the problem and then left it and went to dinner. Well when I came home, both full gallon bottles of 2 part were completly empty and had siphoned into my 75g tank. Needless to say it was pure white. Calcium had precipitated on everything. I am not sure if I did the right thing or not but I did a 95% water change...the whole tank was drained and new water was put in. Everything looks amazingly well atm. My SPS has polyp extension on most peices and all my fish and critters seemed to survive, even my shrimp (atleast they were alive last I checked). My Alk is still much higher than it should be. It is now spiked to around 13.5 up from 7.5 where I normally keep it. Now it is just a waiting game to see if my SPS RTN because of the massive Alk shift. Wish me luck....
I hope everything is OK. It is mostly a waiting game in that there is not much you can do now, as long as the pH is below 8.5. :)

People often have such precipitation events without loosing anything. I've had a couple at least from overdosing limewater over the years. However, you did add more material than most limewater overdoses do.

This article has more:

What is that Precipitate in My Reef Aquarium?

Good luck!
Well as of this morning, there are no losses that I can verify and the water is crystal clear again. All but one fish has been verified alive, the only one left is my six-line wrasse but he hides alot anyway so that is no surprise. I still didnt see any of my shrimp, but that is normal anyway. I did see both of them alive while I was changing the water and shortly after, but a water change of that magnitude could have been hard on them too. Anyway suprisingly all my corals still look ok as well for the time being. I have aboug 20 SPS in there so we will see what happens. My PH is right at about 8.4 - 8.5 which is where my tank always used to run because of dosing lime water. The thing that concerns me most is the high Alk. The alk is at about 13.5dkh. I normally keep it between 7-8dkh, so this was a fairly substantial Alk swing which SPS specifically do not like. Amazingly most of the SPS had polyp extension immediately after refilling the tank with new water, though many were also slimeing like a MOFO too. This morning all but a few had good polyp extension, so I would say that is a good sign. Anyway as you said, its just a waiting game now. I will be sure to let you all know what happens.
Well its now 6 days after the great blizzard of 2006 and my tank is now looking as good as ever. Everything has rebounded it seems. I still havent seen my six line wrasse so he is history, but for some reason I doubt the blizzard killed him, all my other fish were perfectly fine, so I have a feeling he jumped out the back of the tank or something and I just didnt notice.

The only coral that showed any stress was my Pink Bird's Nest. It had about 1/8" tissue recession that was covered in algae soon after, but now its almost all the way regrown back to the tips again. I really cant believe my tank made it through that. I thought for sure once I drained it I would see nothing but carnage.