Blonde Naso Tang with worms, help needed...


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Hello guys, I need some help here, I have a Blonde Naso Tang (4+ years), he is very stable and eating well, he started to has what I am assuming are streamers and he is very active, he is with a Powder Blue Tang (3+ years) and a Yellow Tang (6+ Years) and with some other small fishes like gobies or damsels.

He eats Formula 1 and 2 (flakes), Mysis (two times per week) and a sheet of Nory every day.

I introduced a Snowflake Moray Eel something like 2 or 3 months ago and as far as I know they eat 2 or 3 times per week so I started to feed this guy with a feeding stick to keep it calm and avoid feeding frenzies and I decided, until the moray figured out that I am the feed provider and the stick has his food, to feed the entire DT on that schedule (3 times per week), this is because if the eel saw someone else is eating anything (even nory) it started to swim like crazy.

This is when I discover the Naso got a really bad pinched stomach after one day without eating and after two days two things like the hair worm filaments came from his anus (they have independent movement) and after a few minutes of him having something to eat they disappear, if he eats every day there is no problem (no pinched stomach, no filaments, no anything). Not the powder blue or the yellow tang got these symptoms.

So my questions are, could he has so worms? Could he have lived for 4+ years with worms with no ill effect? Is a good idea to give him some antiworm medication? I am afraid on long run the worms would have a negative impact on his health (assuming he has worms).

The Eel is starting to figuring out that I am the food provider, so I starting to place the sheets of nory again every day and of course the symptoms described before had disappear, but now I am afraid he could have worms and his health is compromised and I did not know about it.

Thanks a lot for any help anyone could give me