Blue algae?


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I have cirular blue algae that is growing on the back of my nano tank, it looks indentical to the coraline algae (purple circles) but I have a couple blue ones....

What kind of algae is it? and is it good or bad?



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it will be kinda difficult to get pics, but I can if needed....

But its pretty much straight forward, blue circles instead of the normall coraline purple ones


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If its encrusting in flat patches like coralline, as suggested, it may very well be a coralline. I would not be surprised if some of the typical purples and reds look blue or are actually blue in certain light and conditions.

There are two fleshy algae that are blue, one is a typically branching form - Octhodes that looks like a blue gracilaria. The other, Distromium, flouresces blue at the edges, and grows in circular patterns and encrusts. It looks like a coral to me honestly. :) There is a link to a pic of it in the stickie in this forum, "Forum favorites".

If you can get a pic we'd love one. But perhaps browsing with some of these names in mind will help.