Blue Jaw Trigger.. Let's hear your experiences


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I posted this in the Reef Fishes Forum, but figured it would get a couple more views here:

I've got a 90 Gallon Reef Ready AGA w/ a 39ish Gallon Sump.

I have ready a lot of info on these guys saying they are planktivores, and thusly reef safe.

Are they invert safe? I could care less if it takes out my hermit crabs. The snails I want to be safe though, as well as my Fire Shrimp.

If this is in fact true, I wouldn't mind building my stock list around this guy instead of a smaller tang that I was considering.

I'll give you my proposed stock list, please lmk what you think:

-Sixline Wrasse
-Yellow Watchman Goby
- Midas Blenny
-Black Saddleback Clown

The above will be moved to the 90 since this will actually be an upgrade from my current 29 gallon reef.

-Bluejaw Trigger
-Yellow Foxface
-1 more Black Clown to get them to pair up
-Small community of 3-4 Chalk Bass

Aside from the Foxface and the Trigger these are all relatively small low bio-load fish.

If this is cutting it to close I suppose I could cut out the foxface, but I would like a reef safe grazing type of fish in there.

The tank will be a LPS/Softy Reef. I've got about 20+ Gallons dedicated in the sump for a refugium with a DSB and chaeto.


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I have a blue jaw in my reef with no problems. I have a couple of cleaner shrimp that he lets clean him also.