Blue Spot Jawfish??


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Saw that Exotic had a few of these in at a pretty good price. Anyone had experiences w/ them? Are they hardy? Reef safe? Will they get along w/ other gobies?


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Awesome fish, great to look at and good in a reef. The problem? They WILL jump out of the tank and die. So unless you have a lid, or some way to keep them from landing on the carpet, you would do well to pass on them.

Mine lasted a cool week and I found it dried up like jerky behind the tank a couple days later. :(


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definately a nice fish. Like mike said, they are known to jump. Haven't had experience keeping one yet, but that's one of the top 4 fish that i will get ( i just have to create a canopy first)


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I got one about two months ago for my birthday and at that time I was warned about their jumping habits. Despite the fact I was too lazy to put a lid on so the second day I had him he tried to jump out but fortunately he hit the bottom of the horizontal pane of my tank and fell back in. The fortunate thing is he hasn't done that since. I was told these guys like to stay in one spot, but the one I have moves around all over my 120 and loves to follow people when they walk by. I guess I just lucked out on a good individual one. :)