Blue Tang with cloudy eyes


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I have a Blue Hippo Tang that on Wednesday was doing great. My wife called me yesterday and said he was hiding under a rock and his eyes looked cloudy. He won't come out to feed. I'm not sure what would cause such a rapid change. PH is at 8.0 which is a little low and ammonia is at zero.
I've been doing regular maintenance and 15-20% water changes. All other fish are doing fine.
Should I get the fish out into quarantine and start med's or should I monitor for a few days more.


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A photo would help a lot, if you're able to get a good one. If both eyes are cloudy, it's more likely to be disease-related/infectious.

Can you tell us about your tank parameters, tank mates, and tank size as well?


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If you don't see any white dots on him he might have flukes. I had a fish doing pretty much like your tang. I did a fresh water dip and flukes fell of. Treated with Prazipro and the flukes are gone. Don't wait too long before taking action if he doesn't get better soon.