blue tang


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I have no luck with these guys. everytime i add this fish it gets ick. the wired thing is if i add other fish there perfectly fine. i have a 60 gallon with plenty of room


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Well I have never had a blue tang get ich. When I get them home I give them a precautionary fresh water dip for 10 mins. Then straight into my display tank. Tried to quaratine my first ever blue, but he was so distressed at being in a strange place all by himself, that I thought he would be better off going in with the others. Settled immediately and quickly joined in with the nightly feeding frenzy. This has worked well for me.


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ive had the same problem, this last time, i floated for 30 mins and then did the drip acclimation method fr an hour, he did fine, this is the 1st one ive even had eat, i did spot him scratching and saw the infamous white spots on him, but his behavioir hasnt changed and still has large apetite, plus color still vibrant, how do you acclmt bagz?


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I've had my blue tang since it was a juv (1 inch) 1 1/5 yrs ago. It was yellow and now it is almost have turned blue i can't wait. I have always QT my fish in a 55 gallon for 3 months.... I just recieved my latest PBT 7 incher, QT well and nvr had 1 ick problem in my tank. I use hyposalinity QT tank goodluck....


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I think it's best to get younger specimens to settle into a tank better. When I first started the hobby I got a 3-4" blue tang and it was a very nervous fish and was hiding in the LR all the time. It fed OK but never seemed settled in the tank. Unfortunately I had an outbreak of ich and lost some fish, the blue tang included. About 3 months ago, I got a pair of blue tangs for my 150 reef tank, both less than 1" in size. These tangs were lively from the outset and were never startled by the presence of people looking at them close to the tank. Both feed like pigs on nori, flake, mysis and brine shrimp. 3 Months on and they've grown staggeringly, both are well over 3", probably closer 4" each. Both are very fat and bursting with health. Like with all tangs, lots of veggies and they'll do just fine :D


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Well it's very common and almost certain that a new tang will get ick, from what i've read the freshwater dip seems to make the chances slimmer.