Blue throat trigger seems blind -- any ideas?


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My blue throat when he does swim around swims into things, like anemones! Elgance, etc. As if he has super poor eye site. He's normally hiding out, triggered in place. He doesnt see food. I have to put food literally on his mouth for him to eat. He was fine for the the 8 months I had him up until August when this all started. I also believe he killed a few fish including my joculator angel right before he went blind. I have 3 fish missing in the time frame before he became this way.

I have a 110 gallon (125 'short') 4x2 feet, 22" high. He's not very big, 5"-6" max. He looks normal, you wouldnt know anything is wrong by looking at his coloration, form, etc.

I'm told triggers can get some type of condition that's unexplainable like this and they stop eating and die. I thought he would die due to not eating, but I found I can put food on his mouth.. and realized later I'm quite sure he's blind.



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First I think it is odd that you have an aggressive BTT, I have never had a fish go blind, pop eye, yes .

I never seen him kill or be over agressive to the three fish I assume he killed. But the three just disappeared within a day to 10 days. It took me a while to realize I havent seen each fish for a long time, therefore I don't know if they all were killed/died at exact same time or when. Since BTT has been ill, no one else disppeared. At same all three disappeared either immediately before or within 10 days of him going blind.

Maybe one of the fish fought back???? one was an orange spot blennie. Actually may have just been the two. A third may have been an anthias, but they are super on and off with me and that missing /dead one was not looking great before.


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My wife and I had exactly the same thing happen to a blue throat (the blindness part, not the fish killing). We had to remove him from the main display and set up a separate tank for him because he could not find food and got very thin. The only way he would/could eat was for us to put the food directly infront of him with tongs. He never recovered his sight and, unfortunately, we eventually had to euthanize him after about a year of him living alone in the quarantine tank. We were moving and taking down the tank and did not think we would be able to find anyone to give him the care he needed. I hope yours turns out better but from our research, this is uncommon but not unheard of and they do not regain their sight.


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I had a go face that went blind years ago for no known reason and the fish slowly died. I never figured out what caused the fish to go blind