Blue-tipped Acropora turned brown


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Hi Guys

i acquired a large piece of a blue-tipped Acropora. i placed him under my A350W Kessis on the top of the tank. as timed passed, i noticed his tips becoming brown. he looks very healthy with alot of polyp extension, but beautiful colors seem to have turned brown.
is this due to excess light?

parameters are good! as all other corals are looking great.

should i move him to a place with lower light? or should i just keep him on its current spot?

Shaun v

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What kind of light was the acro under before? Did you acclimate to your light or just place it in? It sounds like it is pretty healthy otherwise. What is your light tuned to?

I have a small blue acrapora with green polyp extensions and I too use the kessil tuna blue 350w in my nano tank. I originally placed my small frag of acro in about 6 months ago and placed it about 6" to the side of the light at 100%. The acro did not seem to grow much over the course of the first 4-5 months. I reaquascaped about 6 weeks ago and placed the acro directly under my light less than 4" below the surface. Since then, I have also tuned my lights down to about 75% blue and 60% white due to an issue I was having with some zoas getting burned by the light. Since turning the light down some and placing the acro directly below the light, I have noticed more growth during the last month than I had in the first 5. This could also be because I have been dosing Nano A more often and feeding my tank slightly more food.