Blue zoas F/S, maybe for trade


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I have these blue zoas I am looking to sell off.
I would consider trading, but I am not looking for "common" zoas or paly. I might even the deal up with some cash, if the trade is good enough.
Prices and polyp counts listed with pictures. Note that I counted the polyps from the pictures. I know I'm lazy.:p
I would like to keep these to local pickup, without having to ship.
I can meet in Orlando when my schedule will allow.

#1. 10 polyps $20

#2. 10 polyps $20

#3. 8 polyps $15

#4. 7 polyps $15

More on the next post.


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Hi sent you a pm and email last night, but I didnt hear back. I would like number 1 and 3. thanks


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All PM's should have been replied to. If I didn't reply to you, please resend the PM.
Frag #2 is sold, and frags #1 & #3 are pending payment.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=9310742#post9310742 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by headjigger
Is there anyone getting polyps, who lives close to daytona??
And willing to pick up frag 4 for me?

I could possibly meet you in Orlando Saturday afternoon.