Bobs Big Debate.


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i have an 18 gallon nano reef.

it currently houses;

1 fire fish
1skunk cleanr
1 peppermint
and BANE, the manits.

bane is fat, and well behaved:D and everybody been in ther goin on 14 months.

i also, have a decent lil selection of coral.

i have too many pods. i say too many because that population includes the big nasties that irritate my zoos, and apparently, eat um.

Now my firefish, hes my homeboy. i do feel however, that hes a total wuss.

his happiness is far more important to me that anything other than Bane (Mr Mantis)


i am ponderin this guy because i was lookin for a small fish, that hang out in the water colomn, is a total podinator, and wont terrorize my fire fish.

is this my Boy, fish people? (im an invert guy)

Midget wrasse, Pseudocheilinops ataenia

my concerns are, bio-load, how nice he is to mr fire fish, and if he'll really stay that small?

andbody got one?


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Canary blenny. They are an awesome fish. Stay rather small and eat/hunt pods all day. Stay in the to watch.

Be advised...they are venomous.

Had one in my BC14 with two firefish. No problems.


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man, i dunno.

i dont think that id put a 56inch fish in a 18gallon w/o my fire fish.

thats why i like the midget wrasse, cause he stays small.

BUT, being that its a wrass im assuming that it need lots and lots of room to swim.

somthing that my 18 gal doesnt have ample amounts of.

im just checkin to see if im right.