Bold shrimp at feeding time...


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Usually, at feeding time, my 2 cleaner shrimp will perch on the highest rock and catch what they can. Today I tried something different...

I usually mix 3 different cubes flake, garlic and Zoe to make 2 days worth of food. Today I added a small silverside cut up in pieces that were slightly bigger than what the fish would eat in an attempt to get the clowns to feed their anemone. Amazingly enough, my bright idea worked. Unfortunately this caused another issue.

Rather than play catch the shrimp thought it would be easier to just pick the food out of the anemone's tentacles. So now I have to add yet another step to feeding time. I cut off a small piece of silverside and spot feed both shrimp to keep them busy. Those shrimp are lucky I don't want them eaten, they would make a fine meal for Nemy.:lol:

Anyone else go through this?


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Yes but my Clowns will keep my Fire shrimp away at times but if they dont spot them they get the food and I dont worry to much about the Anemone eating them becuase they are smart about not getting to far on the Anemone and can dart away pretty quick.


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mine are constantly picking food out of my other corals during feeding time.. i either shoot a little through the turkey baster specifically at the shrimp.. OR.. i chase them away with the turkey baster!! :D


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I've started reserving all my silverside tails to give to the shrimp before feeding... Its enough to keep them busy at that time and hopefully not enough to make them stop cleaning....