Book just arrived


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My very own copy of your book arrived Friday and I had to send you a quick "wow". It's going to take a while to digest all of that information, but my ultimate goal is to propagate corals and I'm a firm believer in "learn before you leap". I could have followed the beaten path in Kansas aquaculture, but I just wasn't into farming catfish!

Glad to see you have a voice on the forums as well. Thanks for your time. I'll have a ton of questions very soon.

Kevin A.
Overland Park, KS
Heehee... you are quite welcome my friend. Thank you for your interest and shared admiration!

And yes... I'm fairly certain that I will never be accused of being at a loss for words or without an opinion :D

Bob and I are just now finishing the final edit/approval of our new book together (NMA vol1 "Reef Invertebrates")... it looks like we are still going to be on time or close to it (March/April delivery) despite the fact that the book may have an extra 80-100 pages! (no change in prince though... Bob and I are both rich and handsome :p Ha! not).

I think my editor could have just about fell over when I handed him 200pages (all text) on just refugiums, plants and algae. The whole book originally was only going to be 300 pages :D

I'll look forward to chatting with you... do be sure to try to make it to MACNA too (Louisville this year...

Best regards, Anthony
Hi, Anthony,

I figured I'd just make a post in this thread as well, saying that I finished reading "Book of Coral Propagation Volume 1" a few weeks ago (number 3030! wooop!). A most excellent read, and certainly a book that will be on my desk way more than it'll be in my bookshelf.

Where is Louisville, anyway? Hailing from the Great White North and all, I'd like to make the journey south and attend a MACNA conference.


Cheers, Jason

Thanks kindly for the kudos :) I do hope you/all like the next series of books as well (Natural Marine Aquarium series). We put a lot of hard work into them and it really had a good feel and flow to us.

I do hope you can make it to MACNA too for yourself. The conference is the single best event annually for N. Amer. aquarists to catch-up to the cutting edge and be stimulated to move forward. You'll find that most folks that attend them are hooked from the first time. I've been going for a decade without a miss... many folks even longer!

Do follow the club site link for a map and address to plot your trip from...

The club is Louisville, Kentucky... but the conference is just over the border in Indiana (North- closer to you). Actually quite drivable from the Canadian border... just an hour or due due south of the Great Lakes, Lansing/Detroit Michigan, etc. I'm not sure where you are in Canada, but due peek at and plot the journey.

I hope to see you there! Please be sure to say hello if you make it :)