Bought a new 75 gallon tank today for future Octopus


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I miss having an octopus,

I have kept 3 out of the 5 ive had successfully over 8 monthes each one.

I had them in my parents tank which was a 220

its been so long since ive started a tank from scratch though
so any suggestions.

I will be keeping a few damsels ect stuff liek that in it for a long while until the tank is well and mature.

how long should I let the live sand and rock with the water sit before adding any animals or fish?
I always want to add too quickly , I do know that much

If i can find an old video of my past octopus,l Ill post it up on here for you guys to watch

Im wanting the species Briareus

Shane Hoffman

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No offense but if you dont yet understand the basics of "how long should I let the live sand and rock with water sit before adding any animals or fish" you have no business trying to keep a complicated animal like an octopus.

You need to fully grasp every aspect of a reef tank before even entertaining the idea of housing an octo.

In the wild 8 months is well below the life expectancy of an I wouldnt consider that as very successful..

After rereading the above it sounds harsh (not my intent) I just dont want to see an animal that doesnt stand a chance being housed with someone who doesnt yet have the knowledge to give it a long successful life. You can someday own an octo...just do tons and tons of research prior to attempting it again.


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for the species bimac 8 - 12 months is the life expectancy ,

i was asking for pointers, I know your not suppossed to add fish ect until the parameters have gone to where they are suppossed to

all my live rock is already cured, just asking for some suggestions,

as i re read it , does sound like i know nothing , i need to delete i guess ,

Shane Hoffman

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My apoligies...I didnt realize the expectancy of that octo is only 8 to 12 months....maybe rephrase your question. Your question about when to add animals sounds like a very basic question that begginers ask.


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yea i realize that,

man i really hope this doesnt turn into a flame me thread lol

it actually wouldnt hurt me though going back and reading up on cycling tanks again , like I said, it has been awhile since ive set one up from scratch , my 220 has been up for a few years now , and before that I had it set up for about 4 years


Marquis de Carabas
My first suggestion... get something easier to catch than a damsel. Honestly a damsel should not be used if you are just talking about cycling the tank but if you are talking about keeping something a few months to let the tank truly mature I would seriously think about something else... unless the octo will eat them :)

If you are just wanting something to start then some unscented ammonia is all it takes.


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ok, ill look into the ammonia route for cycling.

after the parameters are good , i might get a chromis or 3 ,

whatever fish i add, can go to my 220 at my parents house when its time to add the octopus