Brand new Fluval Sea marine 25000k 59w strip


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Hey all.. glad to be here..

Been trolling for 2 months learning as I cycled my new tank.
Decided to register and join the addiction network. 1st timer with salt/coral.

Can't seem to find solid settings recommendations for customized spectrums, ramp times, etc... have spent over $1500 and would like to get in the ballpark for coral growth asap rather than messing around for months trying to find what works...

1st timer getting a lot of mentoring from my local exotics supplier/store. 12 weeks into it so far...

55 gal old school low and long
Bimini pink sand
30% of the tank is cultured live rock
Light is a brand new 48" 25000k 59w strip sitting atop my tank. (Not elevated)
Has the FLUVAL SMARTAPP Bluetooth semi-customizable spectrum/ramp/sunrise sunset/daytime and night time capability.

Aqueon 400 canister. New as well..
Protein skimmer hangoff the back (oldschool)

Water parameters are perfect and checked twice a week by the store.*
Ca: 420-460*
Ph: 8.4
Kh: 8
.024-026 salinity
10-15 nitrates average
12% water changes biweekly
Fresh RO for topoff


Top 8"/highflow:
Red monti and yellow falvia

Middle 12" down:
Flat monti
Pink clove star polyp
2 dif mushrooms
Superman monti
Golden galaxae
Gold torch
Green star polyp
Green Blasto

Orange plate
Shortie zoas

So with all that out of the way...

I have adjustable ramp times, but can't choose what spectrum ramps and when. Sunrise and sunset are preset.
Buuuutt... I am able to set how long the ramp up and down take.

Question#1: how long should I ramp up and down for?

Daytime is more fun... I can choose %'s from 0 to 100% on 5 different spectrums..
Cold White

Question #2: Concerning growth only, don't care about viewing my frags... I want growth. What are some % combinations that work for u? Or what would you recommend for my particular setup and coral species to flourish?

Thanks in advance for any help,
The saltnoobie.