Brand New Giesemann Aurora 48" w/ mount & Bulbs


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Long story short, I purchased a custom built aquarium & matching stand that took 6 months to complete. A month an a half ago I got a phone call that my tank was ready for shipping, I confirmed and the tank was boxed and on its way. I got on BRS and started to order new equipments for the soon to be arriving tank. As the tank arrived on time as planned, I was excited for the new built and began to unbox it. After the long wait time and the anticipation of a new setup, you can tell I was ecstatic. Not long after the unboxing my heart sunk into my stomach when I saw the front and side glass shattered into bits and pieces due to shipping carelessness (not going to bang on any company for this incident) especially not the aquarium company. Anyways, the Giesemann Aurora arrived less than month ago with no tank to call it baby. It has never even been used or hung at all. This is still wrap and plastic are still on the light shield. BRS wanted to charge me a leg and an arm to return this massive monster so I decide to pass on a deal of a life time to someone here before going to a national site.

I am asking for $1,500 for everything listed, all items are less than a month old.
The fixture alone is worth $2,200 (On sale for $1,980). ATI Bulbs worth $100 retail.

I am located near San Ysidro CA, but travel around the San Diego & LA area for work a lot so I can deliver if payments are made in advance. I am willing to ship the items if needed (shipping price can be worked on together) which will require arrangements.

- You will receive -
Brand new Giesemann Aurora 48" LED/T5 Hybrid w/ all mounting hardware (Less than a month old)
- Plastic wrap are still on the fixture
- Cables still in tact
- Hanging kit
- Brand new in box
Brand new ATI Bulbs unused & will be included with the fixture. (Less than a month old)
- 2x ATI Blue Plus
- 2x ATI True Actinic

Someone is going to end up with a really early Christmas present this season. Not in the market for making money, I get more pleasure in helping someone out in the hobby.









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Thanks for the compliment, this is one of my favor looking fixture. I thought about getting a replacement aquarium, but the aquarium would have to be custom made for a specific area of the house that the tank would fit into. The delay time was going to be another 6-8 months of down time, which was not optimal for my time frame. My initial plan was to have the tank ready to go with an apex before leaving town for work in a few months. That boat has sailed the moment the arriving aquarium shattered. I have another smaller tank running (60g tall) which this light is too big for. When I come back from work, I will most likely reorder the tank again, but that won't be till the end of this year.

Might I add, this fixture is fully programmable. Sunrise - Sunset, Lunar, Multiple Dimmable Channels, Day Cycle Timer for full intensity adjustments throughout the day, Cloud setting, and so much more to list. I have to say this is a reefer's wet dream here.
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That is a great fixture. If it was 60” or 72” I’d have my wife yelling at me about all the money I had just spent on your light about now.


What happend on the $$$ on the broken tank? We’re you covered?


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Yes, the company has reimburse me the full amount and started a claim with the shipping company. I thought about going with a much larger fixture, but the space would not have accommodated with the length of it. Overall this is a well built and an amazing fixture from the Germans.


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I am open to offers within reason, if you only need the fixture, I am sure we can work on a price that will work for the both of us. Send me any pm and we can figure something out.

Thanks and happy reefing.


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I have two of these fixtures on my 450. Great light as it is the holy grail highbrid fixture. I am considering a 3rd light soon but vacation next week takes a priority over all. Good luck with sale.


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Thanks everyone for your kind words.

I have two of these fixtures on my 450. Great light as it is the holy grail highbrid fixture. I am considering a 3rd light soon but vacation next week takes a priority over all. Good luck with sale.

If your in the market for a 3rd one, I'll work out one hell of a deal for you :beer: send me a pm if you are interested.


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I recently bought one exact same model and I'm loving it. My SPS couldn't look better and more healthy.

Just read the OP's thread and its BRAND NEW with bulbs & free delivery!?!?! holy cow... where was this when I purchased mines used and no bulbs for about the same price - Crys- I might want this too in order to run dual fixture and upgrade to a bigger tank just to have matching fixtures.


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The fixture is now off the market and is not available for sale anymore. Thanks for everyones interest. Admin please close thread.
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