Breeding Clowns


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Was looking in the Breeding forums and cant find much on this:
So my questions are:

What size tank?
Which are the best clowns to breed?
What will i need in the tank?
What type of filtration?
How long for lighting?
What sort of heater?


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Tank size depends on the species largeer species need larger tanks
Occelaris are said to be and easy fish to breed, they should need 10 to 20 gallons
Youll need some hard substrate for the eggs to be laid on
Any type of filtration should do...i did a fuge on mine, just to keep my options open
Lighting should be 12-14 hours per day but you dont need an expensive set up
Any sort of heater will do so long as it can keep you aroun 78F- 80F

I strongly recommend Joyce wilersons book Clownfishes it has an entire section devoted to setting up a tank specifically for clownfish breeding and, The sections are short and to the point


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Have just ordered this book off the web just before i opened this thread. I was thinking ocelaris but wondered if theyre was any other that was easy. I have a spare 15gal i was thinking of using.It was going to be used for tropical but i changed my mind and thought it try my hand at breeding clowns. Would it be ok to keep the Parent clowns in the tank with the larvae. I was going to use a simple hang on the back sponge filter changed every few days.

Does this sound ok

Oh ye and use something like a flowerpot or slate tile for them to lay the eggs on


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You cannot keep the parents and larvae together. The parents will eat them once they hatch. You will need a lot of equipment if you really decide to breed and sell them. You have to grow the larvae food, and grow food for thier food, enrich the food.... you get the point. Not something you can do with 1 or 2 tanks and a sponge filter. Check out MOFIB at for a ton of info on it.