Bright yellow...Also, RED???

Reggae Fish

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I am trying to find out what SPS's come in bright yellow...Also, looking for one that is just red...


I guess monti CAP- Not the digitata...

Do they exist? If not, what sps do have these colors?


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There are a ton of corals that you can pick up in bright yellow. The problem is that there is a high probablility that they will change colors on you! With perfect parameters and lighting the corals should stay yellow. That my friend is a challenge. I have a tank with what I thought would be perfect parameters, and the bright yellow corals have darkened. I have a yellow pocillopora damnicornis that hasn't changed but my micromussa and other unknowns have changed to darker shades of yellow or green. My sarmentosa has changed to brown :(

If I knew what was in Zeovit and it didn't cost me a million bucks, I'd probably try it to see what would happen.


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Acropora tenuis: