bright yellow spots in tank

just noticed when i got home from work today some bright neon yellow looking spots in my tank. noticed it mainly around a piece of rock that has bunch of zoas on it but there was a few little specs about 2inches away and then again around four inches away. also notice that a shroom nearby was all closed up which is never really closed except at night and few other pieces were closed up that are usually always open. did my patch of zoas squirt something out and should i move my other corals away or should i pull them out of my tank and quarantine them. i never seen this before and it really glows but has me worried. any ideas?


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sponges ? coraline will grow in several different colors too ,,, does it look like cotton ? or is it hard looking ?
it does kind of have a little cotton appearance to it a bit. i will try and get pictures in the morning. just tried a bit ago to take a pic but batteries were dead so its on charge now. hopefully still be there by the morning
got some pics this morning of what it looks like. its mainly on the zoas . there were two little spots yesterday but they were faintly there anymore today. sorry about the pics they are not the greatest.




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It looks like Neomeris annulata (aka caterpillar weed, spindle weed), which is a calcareous macro alga. They tend to pop up and proliferate for a short duration and then disappear. Whether they are desired or not is a matter of personal preference but they won't hurt anything.
it could be something like that, the yellow spots that are on the actual zoas are on the stems that go to the head of the zoa, but then there is a few little spots that surround the rock and are on the crushed coral substrate. the other day there were two little spots few inches away from the rock on the substrate too but those kind of disappeared. thats why i was thinking maybe the zoas ejected something cause all my nearby corals were all closed up but they were all out and full bloomed today. ill just leave it alone and keep and eye on it though. kinda looks cool especially under just actinics and moon lighting. thanks guys


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Sounds odd. It must be some type of algae bloom. I have a small spot that keeps getting bigger. It's orange/red/yellow mixed up like fire growing on a piece of live rock. I'll take a pic 2morrow. Yeah the caterpillar weed, spindle weed has grown a lot. It is popping up all over 4 different spots in my tank. The pic above is like 1-2 months old. Here is a new one of the same ones, same spot. I think it looks cool, like some weird fingers growing out. I'd say the biggest 1 is around 2 1/4" long and around 1/8" diameter.
that actually looks pretty cool, i wouldn't mind if something like that grew in my tank. that does almost look like there is worms coming out of the rock. do any of your fish try and eat it at all?


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I have some like that that are red, almost identical in structure. Sometimes over the past they have turned a bit yellow like yours. They have openedthier mouth once, I think it was thier mouth. They have also had white nodguls on the ends that made them look like fred flinstones club. They are pretty neat for not really doing anything most of the time. But if you are into watching grass grow these would be a pretty good grant They came on a rock that I got at a lfs, they had called them snake coral, they don't bother anything that I have seen. I say keep them if you like them. Then again it could be somthing totally different. Just my 2cents.


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that actually looks pretty cool, i wouldn't mind if something like that grew in my tank. that does almost look like there is worms coming out of the rock. do any of your fish try and eat it at all?

Nothing touches them. Hopefully they will grow out like this