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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been doing my research about which additive line to go with? Upon doing my research it looks like I'm leaning toward using Brightwell products, they seem to be the up and coming new line. I like the fact that they seem to have higher concentration levels than others out there, seems like you get more "bang for your buck". If anyone is using Brightwell let me know what you think about it?? Thanks Bigfish:)


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I use Brightwell products now. From what I've read about them they are good products. I've use Calcion, Magnesion, Akalin8.4 and just started using their regenerative GFO. I like the products because they are easy to dose and the instructions are precise and clear.

I have just started with the GFO Phosphat and they claim that it can be regenerated up to 4 times using the sister product. The product is actually a resin bead that tumbles smoothly without the concern of breaking up into smaller pieces. I noticed a lower phosphate level the next day. I am anxious to see if it actually will regenerate once it becomes exhausted.

My tank has never looked better.


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welcome to RC bigfish,

i was actually looking at some brightwell stuff the other day.
good to know that the instructions are clear, i hate when companies make things so hard to understand( you almost have to be a chemist to understand it) and thats all well and good for tom... lol but for the rest of us simplicity does count for something :)

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Some Brightwell products are likely just fine. Others seem poorly thought out, from a scientific standpoint (although a cynic would say the point is sales, not utility). :D

Here are some of my thoughts on them:

Liquid reef is like Purple Up or Kent Liquid reactor in that the main ingredient (fine sand) does not dissolve in seawater. I do not recommend it.

Kalk +2 is also poorly thought out. The magnesium in it does not dissolve in limewater. And there is very little present anyway.

Their iodine product claims that iodide is the primary iodine-containing ion in seawater, which is incorrect.

Another Brightwell product that I have a problem with: "elemental". Specifically, I can't imagine anyone choosing this odd mix of things even if it worked as described, which it won't.

You can't link right to it, but it claims to have the useless aragonite, like Liquid Reef, but then goes on to add additional calcium and strontium, and a miniscule amount of magnesium.

If it worked as claimed, it is a very odd and unbalanced mixture of calcium and alkalinity. Since the aragonite won't dissolve, it is basically like a mixture of calcium and strontium, along with a miniscule amount of magnesium and potassium.

What would one use that for? The text says as an add on to other methods to diversify additions? That is a goal???


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14153791#post14153791 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Randy Holmes-Farley
What would one use that for?

A sales pitch ;) BTW, I don't think your a cynic :D


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The only person I trust when it comes to reef chemistry or any chemistry for that matter is Randy. Not because of what he said above but his responses (and I read most of them) are based on basic chemical principles.