Brightwell ChaetoGro Dosing


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According to the instructions, "add 5ml (1 capful) of product per 20 US-gallons of aquarium volume twice each week".
However, they recommend daily dosing and suggest "6 drops per 20 US-gallons per day".

I am trying to figure out a dosage for my 80 gallon tank but I am somewhat confused. Using the weekly dosing regime I would be adding 20 ml twice per week... However, the daily regime suggests 24 drops per day (1.2ml) equaling only 8.4 ml a week.

40 ml a week versus 8.4 ml a week seems to be a huge difference... any suggestions?

Michael Hoaster

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Conflicting instructions are the worst! I'd attempt to contact someone at the manufacturer. Failing that, I'd start with the most conservative dose suggested and go up from there.

Also consider this: If your chaeto isn't growing well and your reef is, leave it alone. If nutrients are low and the corals are happy, you're good. Your reef display prospers when conditions are bad for chaeto. It's all but impossible to have conditions ideal for both corals and chaeto. I'd prune the chaeto way down and let it 'idle' while it's not needed. When/if a nutrient spike pops up, your cheato will grow again.