Bristle worms


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I have an infestation of bristle worms, some as large as 4-5 inches. I have tried using traps, food wrapped mesh with, plucking them one at a time, but feel like I am losing the battle. I read coral banded shrimp will help but also read that wrasses helped but they did little if anything. Short of tearing down 180 gallon tank does anybody have any ideas.

Mykel Obvious

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Are they doing anything wrong? Eating your snail/clams/corals? If not, they are good for the tank and are living on your detritus... overfeeding will cause a population explosion

+1 abulgin's idea if they bother you that much... I had a 10" bristle in my last tank... caused no harm that I ever saw

If ya manage to catch them, ship them my way... I paid good money to have mine shipped in from Hawaii by IPSF :D