bristleworm spewing orange liquid?


In Memoriam
i just did a tank transfer from a 10g to a 29g, and now all my bristleworms are acting weird.

they would come half way out from the rocks, wiggle a bit, then spew out these orange liquid or substance. what does this mean? anyone familiar with this?
Is the orange substance foating in the water and causing a cloudy condition? Back when I had a large population of bristle worms, they would simultaneously stick the rear of their behinds up and release a cloud of material. I always assumed this was a spawning event. But I do not know exactly how they go about the process. My guess is they are happy with the move.
I would also note that if it is a heavy amount you may want to do a water change or make sure your skimmer is working well. Or both. I imagine most critters will feed off the material but it will also breakdown and cause a spike in amonia and such.
it looks like ... caviar , like tiny orange eggs. it dissipates right away though, after it's released. i just did about 80% water change while doing the transfer, so i don't know if i should do another one.
With the move and the spawn you will probable get an amonia rise. I would just keep an eye on the amonia test levels. Have some water made up just in case. Just kepends on had big of a spawn it was. In the past I had events where I could only see 6-8" into the water column. Also since I cut way down on feeding I have not seen a bristle worm in over a year.
I guess now I know how they spawn. :D I will keep an eye on the ammonia level. Thank you for the info.