Broken MH bulb


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I bought a new light fisture last night, and in the process of putting it all together, my Boufriend broke one of the 250 watt MH bulbs. ( I swear the guy is like a bull in a china shop! :mad2: )

Anyhow, only the outside glass casing is broken, the inside part is fine. It burns fine, but is this safe??:confused:
ABSOLUTLY NOT. Do not run the bulb w/out the glass on it, even a cracked one can cause coral death.
The outer sleeve is a UV gaurd, without it, your light will let off a lot of uv rays, which are damaging, to all forms of life.

I had a bulb break, and it killed several corals.
No prob.

If you look at the inner part of the bulb, it looks a lot like a de bulb. Se bulbs, are de's with a built in sleeve, this is why the de bulbs must always have a glass cover, for uv filtering.

SOunds like you need to keep that boyfriend away from the tank!
Running a SE bulb without the outside glass is very similar to running a DE bulb without a UV shield which is dangerous to everything in the tank and anything the light spills onto. Don't do it! (and give monkeys a second chance. :) )
My bf is usually pretty good withthe tank. He takes care of all the technical stuff that I don't understand. I do all the fun stuff like research of fish and corals and such.

What's an SE bulb and a De bulb??

(Nope, no way, Monkeys scare the crapola out of me. Have you ever had a monkey throw poo at you!??! AAH!!)
Single ended bulbs have one end (like a standard light bulb you screw in). Double ended have two ends and go in different type of fixture.




(pics from Marine Depot)
And it still fired?????? I automatically assumed it was an SE we were talking about (so did everyone else). Are you sure you have a DE bulb?????