Brown algae ID please . . .


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I have live rock from fuji in my new tank. This beautifull rock comes with several varieties of brown algae and I cant find one of them; have the same form al PADINA (scroll algae) but instead of been like halimeda (hard because the calcium esqueleton) is soft, small, and have several white lines. Instead of have several leafes just have one. This is all that I can tell; do you have any idea of what it is?; maybe is PADINA sp. and Im wrong to compare the texture of the halimeda with this algae? thanks
You just described several hundred or so species ;)

Best bet is to get some pictures and post them. With that it might be possible to ID them to family. Definitive ID's of most macro's is quite invovled and difficult, requiring microscopic examination.
i guess thats just relular hair algae in the middle. I think i see small cactus calupera plants in the upper left. Putting plants in the tank will cut down on the algae, by taking calcium and other nutrients out of the water. Fish will eat that up i.e. lawnmower blenny, and most tangs. Anyone else?
Thanks pete_ra,
I have read good things about the lawnmower blenny, do you have more comments about this fish?; do you have one in your system?
I have that same stuff growing. Tears like paper when you try and pull it out. Most of it has died back in my tank. Don't know the name of it.

Was I right about the smaller branching blade algae being dictyota?

One other thing, that little anemone looks very similar to a type of pest anemone that has overtaken a very nice tank nearby.
Thanks Digi. I've done some research about the dictyota (because I never hear about that algae before) and looks like mine are not the same, but to be sure I'm gonna post a photo of an area where this algae grows much more to see if the shape of an " adult " is the same as the one you mention (hope not). If IS the same will be sad, because now Im fighting with caulerpa in my other tank. That algae comes with caribean live rock that I bought 3 years ago.
Sorry but I forgot to ask you about the other algae. You mentioned that you have the same in your tank but, . . for how long? is a pest or is under control and does not bother anything?.

About the anemone, dont know, doesn't look like a problem. I saw that same (or more less the same?) anemone in the past in my two other tanks and never become a pest; do you have photos of your friend's tank to compare the anemones?
Thanks again
That swirly paper like brown algae is okay by my standards. It pulls out very easily and evidently burns out a necessary element because it will eventually grow very slowly and then not at all.

Sorry but I don't have a pic of the other tank. It is the display tank at a big saltwater store in Raleigh NC called Fishworld. I believe the name of the anemone is "mojave anemone".

My limited understanding of this anemone is that it is basically an atlantic species of aptasia. The pest I am speaking of will grow to epidemic proportions and sting everything.

About the dictyota, I could barely see what looks like a brown algae that looks like a blade. I may be seeing something else. For your sake I certainly hope I am wrong. This stuff has a fuzzy appearance on the blade. Evil stuff.
Thanks again Digi. Tomorrow morning I'll post the photo; I did more research and Im almost sure you're wrong (hope so !!!!!)
Till tomorrow. About the anemone, I'll do some research again and let you know but if you're telling me that this thing comes from the atlantic, is not possdible to be the same; this rock comes from fuji (the pacific); hope you're wrong again.:rolleyes: