Brown Algea


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I have started a 20 gallon salt aquarium and it has been sitting for a few weeks now with the light on only when I am awake and now it is producing a brown algea that is covering my live rock including the good purple algea. does that mean I need a brighter light or will it go away with time?


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Diatom bloom, just went through it with my new tank, about 5 weeks old. It will go away, just leave it, ugly though isnt it lol.
On algae issues, after my diatom bloom I have massive green algae that comes up, a lot of it and everyday its on the glass, keeps comming back, anyone know when this will go away while on the thread?


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These algae blooms are completely normal as the tank breaks in. Keep your parameters in check and it will go away on its own.


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yep, i third what the others said. Trust t5 lol. His tank did just go thru that, and so did mine a few months ago when i started it up. It goes away pretty quick, but if your tnak is cycled, i'd say get maybe a hundred cerith snails. They really really help with diatoms.


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also in a new tank to much light isnt good need to keep on 3 to 4 hours a day and gradully bring up as to not have to much of a bloom and let tank get adjusted to light.