Brown banded shark


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Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to larger fish tanks and I am interested in getting into corals. Currently I have a large (about 16"-17") brown banded shark. He is getting too big for my tank and can't keep him much longer. What would be the best place to sell or rehome a shark that size and how to come up with a fair price point? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
Years ago (1990s) before I knew better, we bought a Panther Grouper for a 55 gallon tank. It got too big and we donated him to a local aquarium.

I have no idea what the value of your shark would be as I'm more of a coral/invert person. I don't see your location listed in your profile but, you could check for a local club in our Reef Club Forum section to try to find a local buyer.
It will likely be hard to offload unfortunately. You may run into the situation like @griss where they would need to be donated to a local aquarium (if they’ll even accept it).