Brown Bump on Clownfish


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5 days ago I notice a brown bump on the chin of my clownfish. Thought it was lymphocystis and would go away on its own. It's gotten a lot bigger gradually each day so I've been getting a little worried. He still eats as of this morning but less than before. First 5 pics are from Monday. Last two are from today, Friday.

Any idea if it's something else and what I can do to treat it? Thanks!


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The fish disease experts are going to want a video, under white (no actinic) light, showing both sides of the fish, and at least 30 seconds long. You can upload the video to YouTube and link here.

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I’ll have to defer to the fish disease experts I tagged above. I’m a coral (specifically Acropora) person more than fish.
Clownfish get these oddball bacterial infections sometimes. Treating with Kanaplex + Metroplex (dosed together every 48 hours for 10 days) usually clears them up. I would only use those medications in a QT environment.
Thanks @HumbleFish . I started kanaplex in QT 2 days ago. Will get some metroplex as well. He seems more active now but the infection seems to have damaged his jaw a good amount unfortunately and he's not eating. Will update whatever happens.