Brown jelly


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I soak the infected coral in iodine dips for a few times over a period of 5 hours. But there are still bj on the coral despite siphoning and dipping. Is the iodine dosed too little ? I am dosing at 10-15 times the normal reef iodine level.

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Are you dosing into your main tank? If so STOP!! You can easily wipe out your tank with an iodine overdose. Test your level of iodine.

What kind of coral are you treating?


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are you trying to remove brown jelly, this will not work, just get a turkey baster and blow it off....



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Anything that you dose in the sump will end up in the main tank.

Iodine is something that you dont want to mess with. Iodine is very toxic and can kill a tank if its not carefully watched.

If your using a good salt mix, there is no reason to dose Iodine. There will be enough already in the salt.

Regular water changes will keep the Iodine levels just fine.

Never dose anything without testing for it first.


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I am not dosing iodine into my tank but using it for iodine dips in another container for my infected elegance.