brown saddleback clownfish?


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Are these hard to come by? A LFS has a few of them and I have never seen these befor. And they all have the white mark on top of their head and not going all the way down.


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they have black true percs? Id bet money they are black ocellaris. The "black" true percs are called Onyx true percs, but they still have a lot of orange on them.
Brown Polymnus do not seem to be rare at all, I see them quite a bit.


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tell the difference between which?

the commonly called black and white perc is actually an ocellaris variant and is all black and white, sometimes with an orange or brown mouth when younger or brown and white when very young - but in general ocellaris develop there color much faster than perculas...

and onyx percula has orange face, orange tail and everything else is mostly black and white... there are some minor variations in what people consider onyx, but a black dorsal is pretty much my standard along with the black connecting the 3 white bars...