BRS 2-part shelf life?


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I posted this on the BRS forum, but figured it would go here instead.

I'm looking to buy a 5 gallon bucket of each the Calcium Chloride and the Soda Ash for alk. I go through one of their 1 gallon containers in about 13-14 months.

Would the 5 gallon mixes still be good if they're stored inside the bucket for maybe let's say 5 years?

If the mix get's solid and turned into a block, does this mean it's bad and should be thrown away? I ask this because this happened to my Mag mix and haven't used it since.

Just wondering if it's worth it saving the extra bucks to get the 5 gallons buckets instead and have it stored and use it as needed or just keep buying it per the gallon instead.


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They'll be good indefinitely. The calcium chloride might absorb water and harden, but that won't affect the utility. The soda ash might react similarly, if it's anhydrous.


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Both anhydrous calium chloride and soda ash clump over time,IME. If it clumps badly, I put large chunks in a towel and smash it up with a hammer to get to a size I can measure by tablespoon.It will dissolve once it's in the water.