brs doser code


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my stand alone doser has kicked the bucket so trying to set up and use these brs dosers until i can get another stand alone setup, heck maybe if this works out ill continue to use them, this is my first time using these brs dosers on the apex and want to make sure i got this code right

they are 1.1ml/min
i want to dose 6 ml a day ( its just a 40 breeder )
with such a small dose I'm not worried about dosing in the day so i want to split the dose up over the entire 24 hours, i want the alk and cal dosed 15 mins apart
does this code look correct?

Fallback OFF
OSC 000:00/000:14/059:46 Then ON

Fallback OFF
OSC 015:00/000:14/044:46 Then ON


Here's a very handy dosage code generator for Apex:

I use it frequently for tweaking my doses.

Strongly suggest you calibrate your BSRs to determine their real ml-per-minute - mine have wandered way off of their 1.1 rating.