BRS Dry Pukani Rock and Ich


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Can ich be transported on the dry pukani rock? If it can, would curing in a tank with salt water, power head, and heater for 5 weeks make sure if there was a cyst it is dead now?

I had it curing for 5 weeks (changed water after 3). I put around 10 pounds in my 150 tank and did not think about any ich or parasite issues and wondering now.




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The rock was dry?

Really dry?

No, ich cannot survive on dry rock.

As far as the five week period, I think it's OK.

Although the ENTIRE life cycle can be 6-8 weeks, you are really only waiting for the cyst stage which is only 2-3 weeks. (from what I've read)


The lifecycle of the parasite is interesting and important to understand when evaluating a treatment. The stage where the parasite is attached to a fish is called a trophont. The trophont will spend three to seven days (depending on temperature) feeding on the fish. After that, the trophont leaves the fish and becomes what is called a protomont. This protomont travels to the substrate and begins to crawl around for usually two to eight hours, but it could go for as long as eighteen hours after it leaves it's fish host. Once the protomont attaches to a surface, it begins to encyst and is now called a tomont. Division inside the cyst into hundreds of daughter parasites, called tomites, begins shortly thereafter. This noninfectious stage can last anywhere from three to twenty-eight days. During this extended period, the parasite cyst is lying in wait for a host. After this period, the tomites hatch and begin swimming around, looking for a fish host. At this point, they are called theronts, and they must find a host within twenty-four hours or die. They prefer to seek out the skin and gill tissue, then transform into trophonts, and begin the process all over again (Colorni & Burgess, 1997).


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yeah. real dry. Not sure how long it was dry before they shipped it, but it was in the box for 2 weeks before I started curing it.