BRS Single Chamber GFO/Carbon Reactor


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I was going to do that but then I found even cheaper. Check this out

I use this for carbon and GFO works great, nice quality, can't beat the price. Pump is small but does the job, maxi jet would be better.


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I'm using the dual on my 20+10g and its not overkill or anything, just means that I get another gallon of water volume :) Also I imagine I can change the media less often since there is more of it per tank volume. I am powering it with a maxijet 900 which costs $25 shipped, but I had one already. I don't want to go with the cheapest one since it isn't in my sump and I don't want it to leak on the carpet.


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I am using the single unit from BRS - works great! I have a small sump space below, so the double unit was just too big for my set up.