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Dr. Shimek,

I read your article in the June ReefKeeper on the BS Meter,
and found it quite interesting. I am a researcher in the field
of educational psychology. I find parallel frustrations to yours
with organization that engage in "flavor of the month" training
to improve the performance of employees. There are, in almost
any field or industry, numerous "sheep in wolves clothing".

May I respectfully submit the following observations:

1) As researchers, we frequently forget that the progression
from ignorance to expertise is in fact a journey. Different people
are at different points on that journey. We too were once
victims of bad or misleading information, and knew no better.

2) Many new people on the path to expertise need a guide
to assist them. If we discount the LFS, the bulletin boards,
annecdotal advice from others, and books, what is the new
person left with? Few who are new to the path are equipped
to read and interpret the research.

3) By its very nature, research focuses on micro issues. a well
designed research experiment focuses on a single question
and controls all other variables. People new on the path
frequently need macro-level information and advice. The micro-
level issues are for later in their journey.

4) Many involved in reef keeping activity are hobbiests who
have other jobs and responsibilities. This leaves little time
to read and interpret research-level materials. Like many of
the clients I support, the hobbiests simply want answers they
can implement. They may have no interest in reasearch-level

5) Your point about developing an approach of inquiry within
the hobby is very well taken. We should carefully examine
what we know and how we know it. I hope that you will
continue with your work to assist us in in that effort.


Jim Fuller


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Hey Jim. Nice post!

Sorry to say... the good Dr. will not be back online until August 1st. :( He's off to teach a class. Sorry, man.


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I want to thank and congratulate Dr. Ron on this article.

This is really not an eye-operener but an effort towards developing a scientific approach to every aspect in this hobby. Because reef-keeping is a hobby, emotions run high and people believe many things that are not supported by scientific data.