BTA lighting


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what are the lighting requirements for them?

Mine seems to move away from abrightly lit areas to a lower location in my tank, and stay there for over 3 weeks now.

Will it survive with that amount of light?


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In my opinion, the BTA will go were ever it seems content on the lighting, flow, ect. It may just be acclimating it's self to your lighting and hiding out a bit and if it needs more/ less light I'm sure it would move/ down up your rock work to get it. Good Luck!

P.S. You haven't said what your lighting is but I'm guessing if the anemone isn't immediately at the top; grasping for light then that you probably have strong enough lighting. Also, I believe they are a medium to high light anemone.


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I'm having the same thing happen. I think that sesheru95 is correct. Well, I'm hopping that is the case.

What is your lighting? Mine is metal halide 150 wat 14,000 k.

What's the temp in your tank? BTA seem to like it a little on the cool side. Mine always seem happier when the temp is down in the tank.
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It came directly from the wonderful reefs of Indonesia I believe...;)

Since it didn't move for over 3 weeks now, I think the location is good