BTA with funky tentacles


New member
I know there is little understanding about why some bubble tips maintain bubbly tentacles and others get longer tentacles, but I'm hoping maybe someone may have a little insight into this for me. I've had a rainbow BTA for about a year now in my 8-year-old 90-gallon tank. It has always appeared healthy (decent color, tightly closed mouth), but over the last several months, the tentacles have gone from normal bubbles to very long and stringy, and now there is a mix of stringy and semi-bubbled tentacles that look like nasty tumors. Again, I think it is still healthy, but I've never seen this extreme look before. Also, it's annoying that I've had to move neighboring corals to avoid them getting stung.

Regarding the sting, the tentacles don't feel at all sticky, and I know BTA's have weaker stings than other nems but years ago I do remember them having some stickiness.


Any insight is greatly appreciated!