Bubble Algae in tank with lots of coral..


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What is the best method to try to remove bubble algae in a system with lots of coral? It would be super easy for me to take out rockwork and scrub off the algae if the established growing coral wasn't glued all over the rockwork. I've got some emerald crabs, but it doesn't appear they are doing much and a few have died for some reason. (Parameters are in check). The main problem colony is in a cave on the underside of a large piece of rockwork that is pretty difficult for me to access without flipping it over. If I took the whole rock with coral out, how long could I work on it without the coral having water? I really don't want to cut the corals off their bases if I don't have to.. and some of the montipora are pretty well encrusted anyway. Any advice?


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I have had corals out for a good 20 minutes while fragging, besides a copious amount of slim probably from the fragging not the exposure to air they had no ill effect. Sally lightfoot crabs are know to eat bubble algae, but can get aggressive when they get real big.