Bubble King 180 Owners


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I am planning to order this skimmer (Bubble King 180) for my 100 gallon tank (48'' x 24'' x 20''). Tank will be sitting on a 36'' high cabinet stand. Sump dimensions will be 36'' x 18'' x 19''. I believe that the aquarium door is only 26 inches high (I will have to double check that).

The specs say that the skimmer base is 8.25'' x 8.25''. And that the height is 22''.
Can someone confirm these? My major concern is being able to put the skimmer in the sump and take it out without moving the sump.
Is the skimmer head removable?


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And yes you can remove the top part of the skimmer for servicing

Thanks, so if I remove the top part, how tall does the unit get? I'm trying to be sure I can add and remove it.

On a side note, how do you like the skimmer? Would you go with a different one now?


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You need next to nothing in terms of space for removing the top, it just rests on top. Maybe 1/2"- 3/4" tops to get it off?