Bubble magus doser users need help!


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I’m not quite understanding the vague instruction manual in how to operate dosing cycles. I can make sense of how it might function but I want to be sure. So this is the question.

I want to dose small amounts spread through out the day to maintain my levels on a constant to avoid fluctuations. So please correct me if I’m wrong.

I want to dose let’s say part A, 12ml in a 24 hour period. So do I set it up as 3ml and cycle would be 4 and start dosing time at 6:00.

My logic is I’m dosing 3ml, 4 times a day and it will dose every 6 hours. Is this correct?


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Wow, nobody uses Bubble Magus dosers anymore? I must be living in the past. ?‍♂️ Anyway I figured it out and I was right on my assumption about how it works.


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Hi John, I have been out of the hobby for at least 10 years. Life got really busy with kids. But prior to that I was in the hobby for 10 years. Lol. A lot has changed in the hobby but thankfully not drastically. I have forgotten a lot but starting to remember as I continue on my reefing journey. I also remember RC was popping with traffic. I guess social media has changed things. Not to my liking TBH.

I now have a Redsea 525xl (running since May 2021). Running 2 ecotech XR30 g5 blues, 2 Vortech MP40. Under the tank in the sump running Octo Regal 150INT 6" Internal Protein Skimmer (VarioS), Uv sterilizer, Finnex temp controller with a 800watt titanium heater, apex gold controller and a Tunze 3155 for my top off. Oh and of course the bubble magus tm11 and tm12 for dosing.

I also made a small Refugium from a rimless 2.5g tank from Petco. Drilled it and lighting is kessil A80 tuna.

My cable management sucks so lol!


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That's a nice system. You're tank looks great. How do you like the ecotech XR30 g5 blues?

I like it, it makes the colors pop like nobody's business. The picture I posted was with the lights ramping down so It's very blue. I will try to take better pictures and start a tank post of my system.