Bubble Tip Anenome - Hosting


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Hi Guys

Can you help I recently bought a bubble anenome. To get my Common clowns to host.

As yet they are not interested. Will they ever host it and do you have any tips.



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If by common clown you mean percula or ocy. It all depends on the clown. Most of these clown are tank raised and tank raised clowns are a 50/50 shot on ever hosting an anenome.
Also these clown are more apt to host a carpet anenome than a bubble tip, but it is possible.
My GSM didn't even wait for the anenome to open when I put my BTA in the tank. Swam right in and has been there ever sense.


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Gold Stripe Maroons host BTAs in the wild but Ocellaris and Percula don't. My pair of ocellaris ignore my BTA, so I bought a porcelain crab to hang in there with the BTA instead.


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BTAs will host a number of clowns in the wild:
A. akindynos
A. allardi
A. bicinctus
A. chrysopterus
A. clarkii
A. ephippium
A. frenatus
A. latezonatus
A. mccullochi
A. melanopus
A. omanensis
A. rubrocinctus
A. tricinctus
P. biaculeatus

Of course, it's up to the clowns to take a liking to the anemone. As stated, many captive bred clowns don't seem to have that instinct. Also, Perculas (if that's what you mean by 'common') aren't on the list of natural hosts, so it is a crap-shoot for sure. But anything's possible. My A Frenatus was hosting in a patch of Palythoas before I got a RBTA for him. Who knows!