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I have searched through and not found anyone else with this problem. I set up a new tank and I have bubbles, the fine microbubbles. They are in my sump, Oceanic Glass 30"x11.5x18". Its a 150gal tank, return pump is a pressure rated 780gal/hour. There are two 1" overflow drains that join into a 1.5" line that enters the sump into a filter sock. I have a G2skimmer that I modified the outflow to have a gate valve. I have a "clear for life" black sponge inbetween the baffles, 2baffles low proximal for water to go over then through sponge and under higher distal one. I checked that there is no canal around the baffle sponge, but I see bubbles on the other side of the baffle. I don't think its an air leak because I see the bubbles in the sump. I even tried running my skimmer outflow through the filter sock, which decreased the bubbles, but did not eliminate them. I have let it run for 1week to see if they were just the bubbles of a new tank. Right now I have about 80lbs of live rock in the tank. Would adding another baffle help? I have also seen putting lots of live rock rubble in the sump, including some wet dry, does this work? Thanks


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Give it some more time, fine bubbles with a new system are not uncommon. Start by turning off diff pieces of equipment (skimmer...) to isolate bubbles.