Budget tank

I have a nice 110 reef tank with all the bells and whistles. I have a 20 gallon tank just sitting around collecting dust. I've decided I want to try to do a budget/minimalist nano setup with it. I'm going to use a heater and a koralia powerhead I have laying around. I'm going to forego skimmers and any overflow and just do bi-weekly 5 gallon water changes to keep parameters in line. I'm hoping all I need to buy will be rock, sand, and a light. On the light front I'm trying to decide between two "budget" options on Amazon.

They are



Anyone have any suggestions one way or the other? I am only looking at keeping at most some LPS in this tank, no SPS or super sensitive corals.


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Both lights are a bit on the weak side for a 20g tank...but may work provided you stay with low light corals
My plan is just a few LPS such as hammers and acans in the top half of the tank fairly central. Anything that would go lower would be a hardier softie. I use something very similar in a horticulture spectrum to the bottom option on my sump for my refugium and it has worked impressively.