Builder for Custom Sump?


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I've been sketching out concepts for a custom sump to replace my separate sump and frag tank and make more effective use of my space.

I'm looking for suggestions on sources to build a high quality sump to my specs. It doesn't matter particularly if they are local or not, but would prefer to keep my money in the community whenever possible. This could be individuals that have this type of expertise or retail stores/LFS that build themselves. I'd like to talk/work with the builder directly which rules out the sources that are just going to take my order, outsource the work, and jack the price up by 50%.

I know there are going to be some who will suggest that I build my own and that they are easy. I'm not interested in building it, nor do I have the time or space to do it.

Thanks for the help!


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call matt at shotank aquariums in mundelein 60060 he will be open @1p till 8p tonight.

great guy and great work.


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Doug Lehman did nice work for me at a reasonable price

I'd also add that it was to the exact specs I had drawn out