Building spectra pure or buying complete system


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I'm going to be buying a spectra pure system but noticed it is cheaper if I build a system from individual parts rather then buy their complete system.

1. Spectra pure 90gpd refurb unit with pressure gauge $125
2. MaxCap D1 add on with dual tds meter $60
3. Float valve with manual flush kit $40
4. Additional in-line dual tds meter $30

All of those with shipping is $284.76 and seems to get me everything that comes with the mawcap 90 system that is $329.28 with shipping.

The only difference I can see is that the all in 1 system has .5 micron pre filter and carbon block and the 1 I put together comes with 1 micron, but I could switch to .5 when I get replacement filters.

Am I missing something or is the $45 difference just for the convenience of having it shipped already assembled?


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Trying to figure out what order I'd put the parts together in.
Refurb unit is plumbed in using the tubes from the float valve and flush kit, then the add on maxcap d1 upstream with the dual tds meter it comes with? Or is it supposed to somehow go in between the sediment/carbon block filters and the original di unit?
What benefit would the 2nd inline tds meter give me and where would it's probes go in the line?