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I was thinking about ordering your Sealifecustom hood- the 2x96 watt hood... the 36.5" one. And it says it comes with 7100k attintic bulbs, but i was wondering if i could get the 03's instead.

also, are the fans replacable, like if i wanted to replace them, i would just unscrew the fan itself and just replace it? I had a JBJ hood, the only way for me to change the fan, is to change replace a side panel since their fans are glued to the sides.
i have a 55 gallon tank, its 48" long. But the only problem is that the tank is acrylic and the top is black, so i have a limited space for light. What i really want is the 48.5" fixture, thats why i want to know if the mounts/legs are detachable.
and i want to know if its possible for you guys to do a check for me if i had enough room for that fixture.
i know you guys have to go that extra mile for me to do these things for me but it really helps me to decide which light im going to get from you guys.

heres a pic of the tank

Thanks for your inquiry. The legs on these CSL fixtures are indeed detachable. Judging from the dimensions of the top, the 36.5" fixture should work out better for you interms of light intensity and light distribution. However, supporting the 36.5" on top of the tank will be slightly more tricky; since the totol length of the opening is 40" long.

With the 48.5" fixture, more light will be wasted due to the black top. However, setting it up would much easier as you can set the fixture right up on top of the tank.

As for swaping out the bulbs, it is not something we typically do as the boxes are sealed by the CSL. However, we will be happy to make an exception for you.

Lastly, the fan can indeed be removed and replaced.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Marine Depot Customer Service
thanks for the help and giving me your honest opinion! :D most likely im going to email you guys with-in the next two weeks after payday :bum: